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Dem Pilafian


Dem is a Founder Institute graduate who has been a founding engineer at two
 VC funded startups and co-founded a financial services startup to rate mutual funds.  He has 10 years of experience in product management and technical sales, including being a panel expert at e-commerce, publishing, and educational conferences, speaking about software development tools at user groups, and teaching classes in software design, refactoring, and run-time error detection.  One of the open source projects he founded has been translated by volunteers into a dozen languages and is downloaded over 30,000 times a year.  Dem started his career in avionics software and co-authored "MD-11 Aircraft Alerting Function" in the Scientific Honeyweller.  He holds a Master of Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder.


REST-driven JavaScript web applications


I'm working on dna.js and am looking for collaborators who want to experiment with combining Node.js and dna.js plus other technologies to create an intuitive framework enabling novice and seasoned developers alike to be productive building REST-driven JavaScript web applications.

Rapid Feature Development


Static HTML to semantic template in 150 seconds